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I am a 46 year [getting] old CG Animator with 20+ years experience in the world of VFX, commercials, feature animation, games cinematics, VR, museum installations and theme park rides.

I have been living in Bristol for 15 years and I love it here. I currently own a horse called Moo, and her son Pablo and who I ride before work and at weekends. I also have a lovely Patterdale terrier called Nessie.  

I graduated in Animation from Newport in 2000 and moved to London in search of the bright lights, which I found in the form of a job as a Runner at Framestore. From there, I went on to be a Motion Tracker and then a Junior Animator and then, at last, a fully fledged Animator.

After working on some great projects, and a brief stint in New York,  I realised I could see some of the world as an animator, so in 2005 I moved to Sydney for a year to work on Happy Feet.

Being in Australia made me realise I had always wanted to be a cowgirl, so I got a job as a 'Jillaroo' on a cattle station in North West New South Wales for six months. At the end of which, I had to say Goodbye to my new-found family, horses and dogs and I moved back to London to work at Framestore again. I worked on some more really great projects and I learnt a great deal, however I found the transition back to London very difficult and pined for the country life...

After two years back in the UK I got six weeks' work at Aardman. This seemed to suit me and them so well that they contracted me for two years on Arthur Christmas. During these two years I made some amazing friends, met my partner Kyle, bought a horse and a flat and basically "settled down". So I have remained in Bristol as a freelance animator. Since the Covid pandemic I've set up a home office and I really enjoy working remotely, however thanks to Bristol's great travel links I'm able to travel to London and elsewhere with ease. 

In 2021 I was awarded a Merit in Children's Picture Book Animation from the London Art College. I have since written, illustrated and self published two of my own books based on the character of Feral Beryl who is loosely based on my old dog Beryl who I sadly lost in 2023.

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