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I am a 42 year [getting] old CG Animator with going on for 20 years experience in the world of VFX, commercials, feature animation and games cinematics, and now VR, museum installations and theme park rides.

I have been living in Bristol for 11 years and I love it here. I own a horse called Moo, with whom I have done a bit of everything and we have lots of adventures. Last year she had a foal called Pablo.

I also have 2 lovely Patterdale terriers called Beryl and Nessie.  

I graduated from the Animation degree in Newport in 2000 and moved to London in search of the bright lights, which I found in the form of a job as a Runner at Framestore. From there, I went on to be a Motion Tracker and then a Junior Animator and then, at last, a fully fledged Animator.

After working on some great projects, including Buckbeak the Hippogriff in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, in 2005 I realised I could see some of the world as an animator, so I moved to Sydney for a year to work on Happy Feet.

Being in Australia made me realise I had always wanted to be a cowgirl, so I got a job as a 'Jillaroo' on a cattle station in North West New South Wales for six months. It was very hard work, especially as there was an awful drought at the time. But it was a fantastic experience that will stay with me forever.

At the end of the six months I had to say Goodbye to my new-found family, horses and dogs and I moved back to London to work on The Golden Compass at Framestore. I then got the opportunity to work on The Tale of Despereaux and Where The Wild Things Are.


These were great projects and I learnt a great deal, however I found the transition back to London very difficult and pined for the country life...

After two years back in the UK I got six weeks' work at Aardman. This seemed to suit me and them so well that they contracted me for two years on Arthur Christmas, which was released in November 2011.

Since finishing on Arthur Christmas in June 2011 I have remained in Bristol as a freelance animator working at various studios around Bristol, London and Glasgow. I also work from home if it suits the project.

I really enjoy the variety that comes with freelancing, not only of the work but also the people and places, I see every new project as a new adventure as well as a new challenge.

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